"When we launched The Spot in Houston, we knew we had to have a unique audio identity.  Dan came recommended to us and we figured we’d give him a shot. He immediately “got” the concept, and we were so happy with everything he produced for our launch that he became THEE producer for all The Spot’s audio needs. Always reliable and quick to turn around, please don’t ever take him away from us!!"
Chris Huff, APD/MD, KKHH/Houston

"Everything is awesome Dan!  The imaging sounds so much better than our previous stuff and more importantly, a ton better that our competition."
Bob Breck, President/GM, Breck Media Group Wyoming

"Imaging is the lifeblood of our station. Dan has been critical in making our station come to life and connect with our listeners."

James Garner, Regional OM, Iliad Media Group

"In the nearly 4 years I have been without a full-time Imaging person in the building, I have used Dan Gustafson for every single imaging element on this radio station. He asks the right questions, and I whole-heartedly trust his creativity. Not only has Dan never missed a deadline, but more often than not, I get my production pieces the very next day or the same day if needed. I would recommend Dan to anyone that needs quality work done in a timely manner…especially when you are light on staff."
Ross Mahoney, PD, KXTE/Las Vegas

"I love working with Dan. He helps bring our stations to life with his production - whether it's AC, Top 40, Country or Rock. Even better, his turnaround time is terrific. If you lack people with great imaging skills, Dan is a fantastic option!" 

Mark Van Allen, OM, Mid-West Family Broadcasting

"I just played back the sweepers, and man, do they punch through."

Peter Smith, Demers Programming

"Want your station to sound major market? Hire Dan Gustafson. I was Dan's 2nd or 3rd client back in 2004. Nearly everywhere I've been I've hired Dan to create the sound of my station because he's in my head. If I  think I've written something clever, Dan takes it and turns it into something even better sounding than I imagined. Sonically everything he produces sounds clean and bright, unlike 99% of the imaging that is produced in North America today. When I arrived at KATM back in 2016 I knew I needed an upgrade and Dan was my ONLY call. He's enthusiastic,  conscientious and gifted. Imaging is in his DNA and it shows up in his work and work ethic."

Andy Winford, PD, KATM/Modesto-Stockton

"Our company has worked with Sonic Bliss Productions for several years now. Dan Gustafson is one of radio's best Producer's, regardless of format."

Jon Holiday, Radio Consulting Services